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N2 Dance Summer 2023 Registration

First Name of Student*

Last Name of Student*

Age (if under 18). If adult just write "adult"*

Parent Name (if under 18). If adult just write "n/a"*

Email Address (VERY IMPORTANT- main form of communication)*

Facebook Messenger Name (to be used for N2 Dance class group chats)

Phone # (Parents phone # if under 18)*

Teen Student Cell Number (ages 13-18)

Performing- Will you be performing in our end of Summer informal performance on Sat, July 29?

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Payment Method (must be received by pre-registration deadline to avoid late registration fee)

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Who Can We Thank for referring you to us?

Liability Waiver: I certify that I am 18 years or older and am the student or legal guardian of the student registering on this registration form. I hereby assume the risk of any injuries and any loss of property that may occur while receiving instruction from or performing with N2 Dance. I will not hold N2 Dance, its instructors, or YWCA of Hawai'i Island responsible for any personal injury or loss of property that may occur while receiving instruction from or performing with N2 Dance.*

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Media Waiver: I give permission for photos of myself/my child to be used with out compensation by N2 Dance for web pages and/or promotional purposes*

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Name of person filling out this form/ Relation to student

Student Mailing Address

Student School & Grade or Occupation

Additional Information, or Comments

Thanks for submitting!

Please make sure that you press the SEND button above BEFORE paying for classes.  

If your registration form is successfully sent you will see a message above telling you it was sent.  

Credit Card or Paypal Payment for Classes

Instructions when paying for multiple family members:

-Input information for 1 student at a time.  Remember the number of classes per week is per student not per family.  

-make sure to indicate the name of student paying for and the classes they are taking each time you add to the cart.

-The family discount will be refunded to families after the start of the semester.  

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